Welcome to The Bingo King / Hwy77 Bingo web site. Click the picture on the left and you will be taken to the Hwy 77 Bingo site. Click the Picture on the right and you will be directed to The Bingo King site. You can check the daily schedule, pack session and holiday schedules on each site. All links are found on the bottom of each page. We try are best to keep all of the information up to date however sometimes we may change something at the last minute and we may not update until the next day. If you have any questions please feel free to call The Bingo King or the Hwy 77 Bingo during regular operating hours. If you need directions just click the Maps and Directions link located on each site and you will be taken to another window with a map. Decide which Bingo has what you want or is closer to your location and then come join Cecil at the Hwy 77 Bingo in Graceville Florida or his daughters, Lisa and Thelma at the Bingo King Inc in Chipley. Either way you can't go wrong. For the Best in what Bingo has to offer join us today and become part of our Bingo Family. Thanks.
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Graceville Florida, 850-263-7788
Owner - Operator: Cecil

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Chipley Florida, 850-638-0233
Owner - Operators: Lisa & Thelma
The Bingo King and the
Hwy 77 Bingo are
We don't use machines!
A beginner or even a
skilled player should not
have to play against a machine.
Bingo is about Skill and Luck!
A Machine will never "sleep" a Bingo!
ATTENTION: $500.00 U-PICK every Monday night.
Contact: Pappy
Contact: Thelma or Lisa
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July 3-5 Holiday
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